Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

The Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation is committed to supporting the Fort Worth area’s culinary and hospitality community. As of March 2020, we added this program to include a relief fund to provide emergency assistance to employees of restaurants and/or bars (with food service) impacted by recent public health issues that limit available work in our community.

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Apply for Funds

If you’re a restaurant owner or general manager, you may apply for funds to help employees who are experiencing extreme hardship. Funds of up to $500 per employee are available. Applications will be approved on a weekly basis and funds will be distributed in a timely manner to the employer, to be disbursed to employee(s).

To be eligible, the Owner or GM of the business that is applying on behalf of employee(s) must:

  1. Have either participated in the FWFWF 2019, FWFWF 2022, FWFWF 2023, 2021 Fall Edition, were registered to participate in FWFWF 2020 or be either a locally owned and operated restaurant group or an independent restaurant in Tarrant County.
  2. Have recently had a public health related layoff, furlough or business slowdown.
  3. Demonstrate need based on extreme hardship in addition to public health related closures/slowdowns.

To apply, please fill out one application on behalf of each employee for whom you are requesting funds.

What are the extreme hardships being experienced by the employee? Check all that apply.