CRAFT Conference

Since 2016, The Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation has hosted the Fort Worth Area Culinary Career Conference for high school seniors. This year, the conference grows to embrace the many career paths offered by the hospitality industry and its unique relationship with agriculture.

Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

Restaurant owners or general managers may apply for funds to help employees who are experiencing extreme hardship as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis. Funds of up to $500 per employee are available. To be eligible, the owner or GM of the business that is applying on behalf of employee(s) must:

  • Have either participated in the 2019 – 2023 Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival (FWFWF) or be either a locally owned and operated restaurant group or an independent restaurant in Tarrant County
  • Have recently had a public health related layoff, furlough or business slowdown
  • Demonstrate need based on extreme hardship in addition to public health related closures/slowdowns

Scholarships + Grants

The Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation currently gifts TCU, TCC and the Culinary School of Fort Worth regular funds for scholarships for their students.