Walter Kaufmann Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 2015, the Walter Kaufmann Lifetime Achievement Award honors only the most deserving person (or persons) who exemplify the highest standards in the realm of food and beverage in the Fort Worth and Texas culinary community. These standards were set forth in the 1960s by our first recipient and the award’s namesake, Walter Kaufmann, to whom the inaugural award was given in 2015. The Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation seeks to continue to recognize those whose integrity and accomplishments aspire to the excellence Chef Kaufmann established long ago. 

Photo by Ralph Lauer

Award Recipients

2016 | The Lancarte Family of Joe T Garcia’s Restaurant, pioneers and standard bearers of legendary dining and sustained community service in Fort Worth since 1935.

2017 | The Anfin Family, longtime owner-operator of Coors Distributing for nearly a half-century, with significant impact on the Fort Worth food- beverage world and also on non-profit entities.

2018 | Renie Steves, founder of Fort Worth’s first cooking school in the 1970s and renowned wine expert, cookbook author and leader in women’s culinary arts.

2019 | Jon Bonnell, Fort Worth chef and restaurateur, whose generous service to the community through support of worthy non-profit organizations is legendary, as is his gracious hospitality at his numerous local restaurants.

2023 | The Renfro Family, founded Renfro Foods in 1940 in Fort Worth and is still here today, with products sold in 33 countries worldwide.  Renfro Foods’ Pink Lid Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has raised more than $100,00 for research and they have been long time supporters of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University.