Our Mission

Honor the distinctive nature of Fort Worth cooking, food, beverage, and culinary traditions by promoting national and regional attention to the Fort Worth scene and assisting and sustaining chefs, restaurants, and the local ranching and farming communities to raise funds for local grant programs and culinary scholarships; to elevate the skills and culinary knowledge of the general consumer; and to provide internship experiences for those interested in pursuing a career in public relations or marketing.

Outreach + Impact

To date, the Foundation raised more than $325,000 for grants and scholarships supporting deserving culinary students from Fort Worth.

Helped over 225 local chefs with financial support during hardships.

Supported over 20 students with scholarships.

Help showcase over 1,100 food and beverage Festival participants annually.

Launched the annual chef stipend program in 2023 ensuring a wide range of diverse local talent came to the table to participate.

Hosted over 700 students at the career conference.

Saved over 7000 pounds of recyclables from going into the landfill by our “Eco Team”.

“Like many restaurants and food businesses across the city, the pandemic hit us hard by forcing reduced staff hours and we became short-staffed. Through it all, our team stuck together, and we are thankful for every bit of support from our customers! However, with specifically Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation’s help, my business and many others survived because of their generous grants. I will be forever grateful to The FWFWF! They helped boost our confidence when it was at its lowest.”

Robbie Werner

Founder of Stir Crazy Baked Goods

“The FWFWF has helped my business tremendously because I’ve been able to partner with other people in the food service industry and engage in conversation with potential customers from all over the DFW metroplex. This has led to booking more private events for my food truck as well.”

Francis Juru

Smackin Mac

“Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival provided Pearl Snap Kolaches an opportunity to grow into a very open culinary community. We have embarked on so many new food ideas simply by collaborating with other chefs that we met at the festival and by volunteering every year since we were invited! It is a treasure to our city and reflects so much of our culture and values.”

Wade Chappell

Pearl Snap Kolaches

Meet the Faces behind FWFWF

After many sleepless nights and a big vision for a Fort Worth food festival, Russell Kirkpatrick and Mike Micallef brought together some of the leading food and beverage professionals to make the vision reality.

Walter Kaufmann Lifetime Achievement Award

Long considered the architect of fine dining in Fort Worth, the late Walter Kaufmann was also known as the godfather of good taste, because he exemplified every sense of that phrase.